About us

Company Overview

Equip-Test with Global Headquarter in Budapest Metropolitan Area, Europe is a global player in manufacturing PCB test equipment. Steady investments into a complex R&D department, internal laboratory and high-tech production Plants, lead us to a global well-known brand. Our loyal and well-trained people, who give a full support to our customers, are the backbone of our success.

Equip-Test products always represent highest-quality without compromise. For more information, please contact us on: info@equip-test.com

Quality Assurance

spring loaded contact probes, battery probes, ICT test probessemicon probes, semicon test probes, pogo pins, pogo contactsEquip-Test runs the business with latest ERP and CRM solutions. Everything we do, complies with the latest quality assurance regulations of ISO 9001 as well as an ISO 14001, the so called „GREEN” certificate. Our company is annually certified by DEKRA from Germany.


Company Profile

Equip-Test main product lines are Test Probes, Test Fixture Kits, Customized ICT & Functional Test Fixtures, Integrated ICT with Function Test capabilities.

For more information, please contact us on: info@equip-test.com


ict test fixtures, fct test fixtures, RF test fixtures, in-line test fixturesTest Probes

Test Probes have the vital function to transfer measurement signals as truly and undistorted as possible. Therefore these elements can be regarded as the heart of every Test Fixture, and for this reason it is very important for Equip-Test to offer high-performance Test Probes with best quality and value – and thus ensure maximized ROI (Return of Investment) for our customers. Test Probes from Equip-Test offers a great solution to an always demanding testing requirements. We supply wide range of Test Probes like: ICT Test Probes, Switch Probes, Battery Probes, RF Probes, Bare-board Test Probes and Cable – Harness Test Probes and many more. For more information, please contact us on: info@equip-test.com


end of line fixtures, EOL fixtures, mass interconnectTest Fixture Kits

Equip-Test designs and manufactures in-house, ICT and Functional Test Fixture Kits according to the latest market needs. When designed, all market feedbacks were taken into consideration of our Designer Team–in order to create a high–performance, high–accurate, user–friendly ergonomic products.

With a separate production plant only for Equip-Test Fixture Kits, we offer quick deliveries and excellent quality with warranty on each of our products.

Fixture House partners as well as end users, who choose Equip-Test Fixture Kits Brand, can be sure in excellent quality and after – sales services for the whole life-cycle of our products.

We offer Vacuum, Mechanical, Pneumatic, Electrical and In-Line Fixture Kits. For more information, please contact us on: info@equip-test.com


ICT Test Fixtures – customized

Equip-Test ICT Fixture customizing department offers complete one-stop solution for most ICT Test Fixture Types. We customize ICT Fixtures for Keysight, Teradyne / GenRad, TRI, SPEA, Digitaltest, Aeroflex and many more ICT Test System brands. Since many of above mentioned companies now days run their test systems on an in-line built platforms, Equip-Test supports an In-Line ICT Fixtures as well. Vacuum, Mechanical and Pneumatically operated solutions we consider as standard and we can offer any time, as well as self-opening covers – over clamps, Zero-Flex covers. In QC steps, we offer PBSA Analysis – Preliminary Board Stress Analysis – Before Fixture Plate Drilling ; BSA: Board Stress Analysis – After Finished Fixture on real DUT; 100% Electrical Wire Check Machine. For more information, please contact us on: info@equip-test.com


RF test probes, high-current test probes, push-back probesFunctional Test Fixtures – customized

Equip-Test has an In-house mechanical and electrical engineering design department, with huge experience in Functional Test Fixture applications. What we do regularly: Top & side contacting; Linear Railing; LED Check, Button Press; Poti – adjustment; Display check; Custom made Jigs for Connector contacting; Automated Bar – Code reading, Product marking after Test “OK”. Our functional fixtures can be offline, in-line, drawer type, pneumatic, mechanical and electric operated types. Applications for Function Test can be PCB level, Housing Built – in level, Hi – Pot, High- Current, RF and many more. On request, all wired on Mass Interconnect Solutions. For more information, please contact us on: info@equip-test.com


ICT Test Systems

Equip-Test developped a widely spread Integrated ICT Test Platform – called TRIO for low and mid pin count applications – with several Function Test options, like LED Test Measurement up to 192 LEDs, Integrated Flash Programmers for Parallel Programming up to 8 channels, an Equip-Test Robust Mechanical Fixture with Exchangeable Insert and Camera for extended tests. For more information, please contact us on: info@equip-test.com

vacuum test fixtures, pneumatic test fixtures, off-line test fixtures, Flash fixturesCable Harness Test Systems

Equip-Test has succesfully finished and put on a market a brand new Cable-Harness Test System family, called MCT. Standard machine MCT 400 comes with 512 internal Test Points, but it is expandable up to 2048 Test Points. Usable for continuity and short test, as well as for resistor and diode test. Machine also handles digital inputs and outputs.

For those users, who just need a more simple cable harness test system, just to compare a harness with golden sample, we suggest to use MCT100 system for open / short test only up to 256 Test Points. For more information, please contact us on: info@equip-test.com



The JIGS used in this section are mainly used in the production of engines, clutches, steering wheels, pumps, mirrors, lights, air conditioners etc. The purpose of their usage is to connect the connectors of these products via our JIGS and subsequently to make the necessary tests.
Our engineers always design the best possible JIG according to the local circumstances. Because the production environment is often not so clean, these products are made of materials, which are especially resistant to dust, grease, oil, or other contaminants.

For more information, please contact us on: info@equip-test.com