Board viewer & Query

Support all Gerber data source

VayoPro-Gerber support all Gerber (RS-274-D or RS-274-X) and drills files as the input.

Gerber graphic view

After having loaded the Gerber file, you could see every details of PCB layers in graphic view; it is an easy tool for you validate Gerber data source.

CAD conversion

With VayoPro-Gerber, you could easily convert Gerber data to PCB CAD.

Nets connection recovery

If you still want to output for testing purpose, it could recover the nets connection automatically.

Outputted data

Finally you could output standard centroid coordinates, GenCAD, FATF, PDW, Samsung SSA, Seica formats. Or you could generate the job for the use of other Vayo software (DFM, TEST, SMT, …).