Cable – Harness Testing

Electrical Testing of Cable – Harnesses represent a target market for Equip-Test. Therefore our development has put significant efforts in recent years, to have the right Test System for this business segment.

MCT 100 Cable – Harness Test System – represents an entry level solution for those who have simple cable – harnesses and just need to compare all with one „Golden Sample”, when testing. This solution have been used at several customers and it is very price comptitive and reliable. MCT 100 is suitable for maximum 256 Test Points and can measure open and shorts. Next to Harness Testing application this Test Machine can also be used for EMS companies, when they receive their Bare Board PCBs from suppliers and want to double check shorts and opens on them at circuit level. This is a logical step to do, before assembling valuable and expensive components. We can combine this system with necessary fixturing for complete solution.
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MCT 400 Cable-Harness Test System is our solution for High – End users with many Test Points and big Test Tables with complex Test Modules. This PC built-in based system is suitable to measure from 518 Test Points up to 2048 Test Points. MCT 400 can measure next to open – short , resistor, diode and digital input and output. This Test System is ideal solution for competitive, high complexity harnesses used in automotive or telecommunication applications. For more information please contact us at:

Equip – Test designs and manufactures Test Modules and Hand – Operated Test Jigs with custom Cable-Harnesses on request. Huge variety of applications has been made. For your application, please contact us to get quotation at:

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