DFT & Tester Programming

Support CAD/Gerber data source

Test Expert could support CAD source like Cadence Allegro/OrCAD, Mentor, PowerPCB, Altium/Protel, Zuken, ODB++, GenCAD, Accel, Unidat….
You could use VayoPro-Gerber application (separate software) to preprocess Gerber data if you don’t have CAD file.

Nail selection optimization

Flexible & powerful nail rule setting & optimization algorithm guarantee best nail selection results.  You could not only config rule setting (size, distance, type, quantity, priority & etc), but also set different rule series corresponding to different test strategy, and then compare result difference.


Interactive result query

During result query, you could not only see the inaccess reason, but also browse to PCB layout location interactively so as to work out improvement solution quickly.

Accessibility validation and testability improvement

Sometime Gerber may be slight different from PCB CAD, which leads to test probe location covered by mask layers. VayoPro-Test Expert supports additional Gerber mask data import, validate contact of test probe, relocate for masked probe. Unique Net Link function could merge nets for 0 resistor, fuse or switch related connection. It increase testability, or reduce test nails upon same testability so as to reduce fixture cost.

No.1 DFT/testability report: richest contents

VayoPro-Test Expert testability/DFT reports contain rich contents: coverage percentage, test nets details, untested nets details, parts report, pin report, parallel report & etc. Moreover it represents in different formats: Text, PDF, Excel & Html.

ICT/MDA output, fixture design

Powerful fixture design function allows you to design optimized fixture and output drill & wire files for fixture making. Meanwhile it generates precise test program for industry testers like Keysight/Agilent, Teradyne/GenRad, Spea, TRI, Checksum, MTS, JET, Hioki, Areaflex/IFR, SRC, & etc.

Intelligent flying probe program generation

VayoPro-Test Expert could output rich test steps when it generates flying probe program, which minimizes fine-tune cycle time. Moreover you could adjust parameters in batch such as probe location offset, open-check sensor position, which makes test program more complete and more accurate. Whatever your flying probe tester is Takaya, Spea, Hioki, Seica, or Acculogic, you could find the output in VayoPro-Test Expert.

Fast AXI/AOI programming

Test Expert could generate test program for X-Ray or AOI tester like Agilent 5DX/SJ50, ViTrox V810 &V510, Omron, VI Technology, Orbotech, Viscom, TRI, Landrex, …