ICT Test Fixtures – customized

Equip-Test ICT Fixture customizing department offers complete one-stop solution for most ICT Test Fixture Types. We customize ICT Fixtures for Keysight, Teradyne / GenRad, TRI, SPEA, Digitaltest, Aeroflex and many more ICT Test System brands. Since many of above mentioned companies now days run their test systems on an in-line built platforms, Equip-Test supports an In-Line ICT Fixtures as well.

Vacuum, Mechanical and Pneumatically operated solutions we consider as standard and we can offer any time, as well as self-opening covers – over clamps, Zero-Flex covers. In QC steps, we offer PBSA Analysis – Preliminary Board Stress Analysis – Before Fixture Plate Drilling ; BSA: Board Stress Analysis – After Finished Fixture on real DUT; 100% Electrical Wire Check Machine.

For more information, please contact us on: info@equip-test.com