Pneumatic Test Fixtures

pneumatic-fixtureThe Pneumatic Test Fixtures are designed with Interchangeable Kits. Two different series with a number of variants are available. The Pneumatic Test Fixtures have the same drive-concept as the Manual Fixtures: The activated Pressure Frame in combination with the idle Probe Plate.

The Interchangeable Kits have a replaceable, anti-static Pressure Frame Plate as well as a Probe Plate with spring-loaded Mounting Plate.

The following intermediate interfaces are available: VG-Connectors, hyperbolic interface terminal pins or spring-loaded Test Probes. Using the suitable Intermediate Interface, the Pneumatic Test Fixtures can be used with almost every Test System.

Apart from customized Pneumatic Fixtures, we also supply individual Fixture Kits for your own customizing work. Furthermore, customizing items such as Pressure Frame Plates, Probe Plates, Pre-registration Pins, anti-static Support Pins, Pot-adjustment Tools, Key and Button Operators etc. are also available.