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Equip-Test HPS-25 Hand Press Fixture Kit

Equip-Test R&D department has designed a new Hand Press Fixture for low pin-count applications. Ideal for flash programming, rework purposes.As it has an exchangeable kit feature, it is perfect solution for small, middle batch and/orhigh-mix productions.

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Equip-Test ND-MFS-D2 Mechanical Fixture Kit

The new single well Equip-Test Mechanical Test Fixture (MFS), complies to most demanding In-Circuit and Functional Testing Challenges. Interface plate cover is placed on back of fixture, which can be freely customized according customer’s requirements. Due to its robust design this fixture can easily handle up to 1000 Test Points* without bending problems!

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Equip 3D Printing Solutions

Equip-Test Insertion / Extraction Tools for Sockets / Receptacles

You will find details on the links below:

Insertion / Extraction Tools Technical Information
Insertion / Extraction Tools for Test Probes
Insertion / Extraction Tools for Sockets / Receptacles

Equip-Test TRIO Platform

The main highlights of the new TRIO Platform includes the single or dual access Equip-Test MFS Manual Test Fixture, the fast TRI Tiny SII ICT and the reliability of the Pylon Interface Connectors. The combination of these 3 main features together with the renowned Equip-Test ICT engineering knowledge ensures that you can get a very good start-off ICT Test System for analog and digital measurements.

For more details of the TRIO system, please click on the link below. Equip ICT Test Systems

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TR5001 DS2 Parallel Test – Case Study – Equip-Test