Equip Test has worldwide active business in 3 main areas. As you can see, all related to Testing, since this is our profession. We provide quality solution from standard to more complex in the field of electrical testing and measurement. Our customers rely on us and we never let them down. For your application please feel free to contact us at:

PCB Testing :

Electronic Test of Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) is in main focus of Equip Test activities. Our company provides Test Probes and Test Fixture Kits as well as custom made solutions for In-circuit Test (ICT), Functional Test (FCT), End-of-line Test (EOL), Radio Frequency Test (RF) and many special solutions on customer request. Combined our Test Probes and Fixtures with integrated ICT Test Systems for In-Line and Off-Line Test, Equip-Test offers turn-key solutions.

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Cable – Harness Testing :

Testing of Cable – Harnesses is a challenging task in which Equip-Test has a lot of experience. Our threaded test probes  and switch probes together with Equip-Test Cable Harness Test Systems offer reliable and competitive solution. On one hand we have an entry level system which just compares a so called „golden cable” the other ones and makes open short test. On the other hand, we have a High-End Cable Harness Test System with continuity, short, resistor, and diode test. Test Points starting from 512 up to 2048 in total. In order to offer turn-key solution, we are ready to design you a hand operated jig with test probes or a complete test or push-back test modules as well.

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Semiconductor Testing :

Semiconductor Test Probes manufactured by Equip-Test Asia Pte. Ltd. in Singapore, represent a high quality and reliable solution for various demands. Our catalog shows only few main types what we consider as standard, but as most of these demands are custom made, we are looking forward to any custom inquiries. Our semicon probes implemented into machined Test Sockets from Torlon, Ultem and other plastic materials, offer a superior turn-key solution for any of your semicon test socket needs.

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