Test Sockets

Custom-made Test Sockets, which are used in the Semiconductor Industry, are designed and manufactured always in accordance  to  customer  specifications.  Our  Test  Sockets  can  be  used for  Bench-top  Testing  or for Machine Automation Test. Our manufacturing capability ranges  from 1.27  mm  (50  mil)  pitch  size down to as small as 0.2 mm (8 mil) pitch. The most commonly used materials for manufacturing Test Sockets are Torlon, Ultem, Vespel, Peek, Ceramic etc. All materials are possible on customer request. Test  Sockets  can be manufactured for devices ranging from QFN, BGA,PGA, TSOP etc..

The probe pin-count per Test Socket can range from as low as 4 pin QFN devices up to as high as 3.500 pin BGA devices. The durability and the quality of our Test Sockets meet the highest customer requirements and demands.

The following information is required to quote Test Sockets:

  • POD (Package Outline Drawing) of the Device IC
  • If for a Bench-Top Test: (L x W x H) limitation for Test Socket size
  • If Machine Test: Brand of the Machine Handler, Preferred Test Height


Semi Probe Specs:

  • If defined by customer: a probe pin drawing or a sample probe pin is  required
  • If defined by us, we use the best match for a device according to our  experience